Competition Brief

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The Museum

The MALI is a private, non-profit cultural organization devoted to the promotion of the visual arts in Peru. With over seventeen thousand works, it houses the only representative survey collection of Peruvian art in the country.

The museum recently renovated its permanent galleries, housed on the second floor of the historic Exposition Palace, where a selection of works from the permanent collection is exhibited. These galleries survey almost 3,000 years of history, from pre-Columbian textiles and pottery to mid-twentieth century painting. However, the museum’s contemporary art collection, numbering over a thousand works, is still largely kept in storage, making the design of a new wing all the more pressing.


Main entrance to the museum. South facade.

The Site

The project site is located within Lima’s Exposition Park, next to the Exposition Palace, at the corner of Paseo Colón and Av. Garcilaso de la Vega, two heavily trafficked avenues at the entrance of the city’s historic center.

The City of Lima gave the site to the MALI under a commodatum agreement, extended in 2014, granting the museum the right to use the space. A small amphitheater and scattered kiosks currently occupy the site. However, the design and use of this space is not well integrated to the rest of the park, making it an ideal site for the museum’s expansion.

The future station for Line 2 and 3 of Lima’s underground metro system will be located at the corner of Paseo Colón and Av. Garcilaso de la Vega. While the exact design of the station will not be determined until the end of 2016, the proposals should be flexible enough to accommodate minor changes during the design development stage. Construction of the station is slated to begin in 2018.

Besides the specific project site, the competition will also address the relationship between the museum and the park.

Exposition Park. Site is shaded in red. Extended site is outlined.


The new wing will be largely built below-grade, totaling approximately 6,000 m2. A quick area calculation shows that the building may fit in three floors (see the Competition Brief for a detailed description of the new wing’s program requirements). A plaza, providing access to the new wing, the Exposition Palace, and the metro station, will also be part of the project’s scope.

Additionally, a landscape proposal should consider how the plaza relates to the rest of the park, as well as to the park immediately north of Paseo Colón. It should aim to improve pedestrian movement and recreation, providing more shaded green areas. In short, what the MALI is requesting—besides a design proposal for its new wing—is a long-term vision of the Exposition Park that might be shared with the City of Lima in anticipation of the country’s bicentennial celebration in 2021.

Site photo, looking north.


Entrants are required to submit a digital 15 – 20 page document, A3 format (landscape), containing the following:

  • Site plan 1:1500 (showing hard landscaping, green areas, bicycle stations, etc.)
  • Ground floor 1:500
  • Floor plans 1:300 (showing furniture)
  • Longitudinal section 1:300 (number determined by Entrant)
  • Transverse section 1:200 (number determined by Entrant)
  • Minimum of 2 views (one internal, one external). Maximum of 4.
  • Circulation diagram (visitors vs artworks)
  • Any additional diagrams that explain the proposal (landscape, water system, noise reduction strategies, gallery flexibility, plaza design, passive systems, etc.)
  • A 250 – 500 word description of the proposal, covering architectural concepts, the relationship to the site, landscape strategies, etc.
  • A physical model is optional (at a scale determined by the Entrant). Views may be based on model photographs.
Cocaine Exhale
Exhaled Cocaine, 2008. Cornelia Parker.


Competition Launch: May 2, 2016
Deadline for Queries: May 27, 2016
Registration Deadline: June 3, 2016
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2016
Jury Meeting: July 4-5, 2016
Finalists Announced: July 5
Finalists’ Presentation: July 8
Winner Announced: July 11

Prizes and Architectural Fees

Three unranked finalists will receive 10,000 USD per team.

The total building cost for the project—i.e., the new wing, not the landscape proposal beyond the site—is estimated at 12 – 15M USD (excluding taxes). The architectural fee is 8% of total construction costs. This percentage does not include consultants, specialists, exhibition design, or construction administration.

Competition Rules

Oh cultura
Oh cultura. Arte al Paso series, 1980. E.P.S. Huayco (Lima, 1980-1981)