• The competition results have been published in ArchDaily. See link in Results page.
  • Proposals may be submitted in the “Submission” section of the Applicants page until June 30, 11 pm (UTC-5).
  • We have posted a PDF with FAQs up to June 3 on the Inquiries page.
  • Submission guidelines have been posted here.
  • Registration is now closed.
  • Additional files have been added to the Applicants page, including a CAD file of the Metro station and amphitheater, site photos, and a soil survey of the site.
  • Eligibility requirements have been further clarified here.
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The Lima Art Museum (MALI) announces the launch of an open competition for the design of its new contemporary art wing. The project will include a library, gallery spaces, classrooms, workshops, a café, a public plaza, access to a future metro station, and a landscape proposal for the park where the museum is located. Our goal is to establish the MALI as a new civic and cultural platform in the city, as well as a referent for future competitions regarding the design of public spaces in Lima.

  • Prerequisites: Established architect who can demonstrate, through previous projects, the capacity to take on a project of this scale.
  • Program Area: 6,000m2 (not including public plaza and landscape proposal)
  • Prizes: Three unranked finalists, 10,000 USD each
  • Competition Launch: May 2, 2016
  • Registration Deadline: June 3, 2016
  • Competition Deadline: June 30, 2016
  • Winner Announced: July 11, 2016



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